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Most FUN job

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365 days with pandas make 200000[details]

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Why not with pandas, happilly counting money?[details]

Demonstrate climbing trees

High challenge climbing movements in earthquake[details]

Special Planning

World Cup 2014 will set off a new round of global carnival.In order to make friends fully enjoy the pleasure of the Cup, SOHU staged a series of activities, let the national treasure accompany you with the World Cup.Including "the most fun job"……

The displays of contestants


Introduce myself:

I'm a Japanese. In 2012, for the sake of learning Chinese, studied in tianjin city, China for four months. Chinese friends, support me!!……

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Entry declaration:I want to deepen the understandings of pandas!


Introduce myself:

My name is saito yarn, I am from Japan, now working in South Korea, I have been in China to study Chinese,I fell in love with the giant panda at that time.

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Entry declaration: I love panda, I will let the world know how lovely the giant panda is !


Introduce myself:

I am a Scotland and the Chinese multiracial blend woman. I learned Chinese and Japanese in Edinburgh university. My favorite animal is the panda! ……

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Entry declaration: I'd like to apply for the "most FUN job" in the world ! ^_^


Introduce myself:

I am a professional animation artist, I have worked on many animated projects in Algeria and the US and eventually want to start my own studio soon. Pandas are awesome and I like them……

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Entry declaration:I believe this could be the best life experience.


Introduce myself:

My name is licca. I am a Hungarian, currently living in Hungary. I hope to take this opportunity to take care of the panda ,and take panda as the cultural ambassador.

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Entry declaration:the panda is not only China's treasure but also the treasure in the world.


Introduce myself:

My name is Lorena Rojas and I am from Miami, Florida. My family is Peruvian, so I am fluent in both English and Spanish. Currently I am a senior student at University of Florida.

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Entry declaration:I want to help spread awareness of panda bears through any means possible.


Introduce myself:

Hello, everyone, nice to meet you. My name is feng Manna, but this is just my Chinese name, and I'm actually a Dutch. My interest in China is so huge, so I had started learning Chinese.

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Entry declaration: Please give me a real dream!


Introduce myself:

My qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology, many hours of animal husbandry at the San Antonio Zoo, strong oral and written communication skills……

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Entry declaration:There is something magical about the elusive Panda Bear.

Wonderful Atlas


Wonderful Introdution


Your job contain only 1

Sharing 365 days whith pandas!

No report! No task! no leadership!

200000 a year! With pets! With a SUV!

Requirements: at least 22 yr;

healthy,love small animals; Certain knowage about panda;

good writing, photo well and willing essay writing.


Since 2013,the panda cubs born in bifengxia panda base are called"earthquake panda babies." They attract attention from all panda fans all over the world. We will collect names from the global internet users for these baby pandas. Fill in their nicknames.

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